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86                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

had thirty children. She was tall and very hand-
some, her husband swarthy and lame, and only
came up to her elbow.


Mtwch, 1791.

We have had gay doings at Seaton Delaval,
where the Fair Penitent was performed by the
family. Lord Delaval acted Sciolto; Lord Tyr-
connel, Lothario; Lady Tyrconnel, Calista; Mr.
Spearman, Altamont; Charles Williams, Horatio;
Mr. Foster, Bossano; Miss Daniel, Lavinia; and
Miss Augusta Daniel, the maid. Spearman was
the most ridiculous, fat, lame, monotonous Alta-
mont that ever was seen; Mr. Foster insipid; the
misses not capital; but the rest of the parts were
extremely well performed. Lord Delaval was
correct and pathetic; he even gazed at his wife's
picture when he swore. Lady Tyrconnel now and
then mumbled her phrases, but looked the thing.
Lord T. was too bulky, his coat too scanty, and
he sawed the air over-much. Williams was manly
and clear, but brogued to excess, and straddled
a great deal. After the play, Lord Delaval spoke